Enhanced file Transfer (EFT) Server

Download Enhanced file Transfer (EFT) Server

A file transfer solution which is secure and useful for booming companies which face harsh challenges in the information and technology world is Enhanced file Transfer or EFT server. It was originally known as a secure FTP server but it was later on changed back to EFT server. These growing companies usually face the daily challenges of coping up with their clients and the basic requirement for that is that you have your data ready at all times and at all places. This is exactly where the enhanced file transfer server comes in very handy and actually very essential.

These huge multi-national companies face the challenge of increasing their electronic network with their business partners and that requires a thorough maintenance and proper storage of data files. The enhanced file transfer server is just your solution to the problem. The usefulness of this enhanced file transfer server is that it provides a very wide and versatile platform for transportation of protocols, control of the extensive user account and dealing with the processing after the workflow has been cleared. With the help of the enhanced file transfer protocol you can properly utilize all the protocols which are essential for your network which majorly includes FTP among the various others. These other protocols include FTPS, HTTP, HTTPS and SFTP and many more.

The enhanced file transfer server is a very practical approach to problem solving as it triggers self generated or automated emails and programs which are external over server events which are relatively simpler. You have a wide option of exploring new areas with the enhanced File transfer server such as managing of the server resources, thorough auditing of the SQL server activity and also include issues dealing with the view reports. It is fully authentic, trustworthy and qualitative as it is certified with complying standards of PCI-DSS and many others.