Download EasiEvents

EasiEvents is a security software launched in the market on 23 March 2005 by the publisher Inspire-Tech. This corporate security software is compatible with Windows 2000 and Windows XP. EasiEvents helps in monitoring of your system and watches out for any security breaches within time. In case of any security violation it notifies the administrator not only by email but also through sms alert ensuring the user to take action within few seconds. EasiEvents is a notification program and is extremely advanced in protecting your computer from any kind of online threat. This software is extremely useful for both small businesses and large companies to ensure the computer and online network security.

EasiEvents with its special features allows the management of any company to monitor full control on all the company computers thus preventing any unauthorized distribution of sensitive client information. Protection of client data has always been a top priority in the business world. With EasiEvents in your employees’ computers you are able to analyze your employees’ activities during their working hours and protect your company’s confidential information effectively. EasiEvents allows efficient prevention, detection and monitoring measures to help reduce any risk of corporate data loss. It has adequate features to detect and prevent any data breaches from occurring. All activities in social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter are tracked and it is also possible to monitor searches by your employee in Google, Yahoo and other search engines.

With EasiEvents installed in your company’s IT system you have the advantage to judge your employees’ work efficiency as you are able to track all their browsing history and emails including the attachments and content. EasiEvents help you track all programs and application ensuring strong security control over the company’s performance and leakage of any sensitive client data. This corporate security software is free to try with.