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The program called Dr. Preventor Data Recovery Protection helps in deleting the files which are actually unrecoverable through the process of systematically writing the meaningless information and numbers instead of the places that represent the files placed currently. 2 clicks can get the software started by those users who are using the software regularly and then comes those who are indeed paranoid. They have the option of choosing how many ever times they want to overwrite the files they want to need to.

They also have the option of choosing between random numbers or zeroes plus the added option of using a personal message is in place. The privacy is usually protected by Preventor which makes the files which you thought, you would want to throw away, render unrecoverable. If the user recycles, sell or even give away any old computer having been used, or when the laptop’s memory stick is otherwise stolen, identity thieves as well as hackers have the ability of recovering those files which have been thrown away into the recycle bin instead. The files which have been cleared away from the recycle bin, do not necessarily end up being permanently erased. They rather stay somewhere in the hard drive’s data especially in parts that have been primarily permanently magnetized.

While saving a file and writing it on the user’s data about the disc and making the note of file location can turn out as a successful way. Putting the file in your recycle bin and emptying things are usually considered as a wonder where the user believes that he has gotten rid off of all the unnecessary files and now things will run faster on the PC! Sure, it will, but we do see that the computer slows down heavily after having run for years. This is due to all the garbage that is collected. With this software, no more garbage shall stay in your system henceforth.

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