Digital Document Shredder

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As technology is improving day by day, newer threats are being invented every day. Digital Document Shredder is one such advanced software which was invented by DEK software developers for protecting your PC against unexpected attacks. It deletes some unnecessary files and folders permanently from your system. When you delete some important files and folders from your system or even from recycle bin, you won’t be able to delete them permanently from your system. Someone can recover them and do potential damage to you or your system. So in order to avoid this, you can delete such important files permanently from system just by using Digital Document Shredder.

Program has a main window and this window provides access to different shredding systems available with this software. There are four different types of shredding software. System files, free disk space, files and folders and recycle bin are those important alternative features available in any computer. This makes a list of folders or new files on the system. Later this entire list is deleted permanently from system. There are different shredding algorithms to achieve this and one can choose the best out of it. In free disk space option, you will get a chance to select units from free space which you want to analyze.

This software has about 13 different algorithms for achieving shredding process; hence you can choose the best one from this list. In some cases, you might not know about some files which are very confidential and you need to delete them permanently from your system. This software helps to delete those files also permanently. Besides that, it is available at quite cheaper rates which are affordable to everyone and hence easily affordable. So this new software is being liked by everyone and people make use of it to delete some files permanently from system forever.