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Mobile phones form an integral part of our lives and we just can’t seem to do without them. We have smartphones at our services so that we can accomplish a variety of tasks even when we are on the move. PDA devices help us in a similar manner. But every coin has a second side. Usage of these smart devices means they can be used against their owners as well. They can be used to extract information about their owner’s whereabouts and day to day activities. Developer Paraben has the perfect tool for the occasion. Paraben’s Device Seizure is programmed and designed in a way so that it faces no difficulty while gathering even the smallest bit of data from within the deepest sectors of devices like cell phones, smartphones, PDA’s and GPS systems. In fact it is so good at its job, that it is used by forensic experts throughout the world.

Device Seizure comes equipped with suitable hardware which aids in the task of information gathering. It has a built in feature called ‘Point 2 Point’ which can even extract data and convert it into a format which is understood by Google Earth, hence allowing experts to locate the user’s position in real time. Whatever information it may be, it is certainly not out of bounds for Device Seizure.

Device Seizure packs in the following important features which makes it a huge hit:
: it has very low system requirements and thus can run on almost any system these days,
: it can extract useful information from the supported devices, like call lists, received and dialled calls, sent and received text and other kinds of messages, music, video and image files, java files, deleted files, reminders, and even registry data.

Device Seizure can be a handy tool in the right hands but if misplaced, it can prove to be equally destructive.