Download Cyclope Internet Filtering Proxy

Open access to the internet is the greatest freedom that an individual can be endowed with. That is when you can do anything and everything with this whole world at your feet. Yet, such superfluous usage may pose to be an issue stemming different problems. For a company, which has to ensure the proper usage of its internet facilities, a particular utility that may help to control unmitigated web usage is of great help.
Cyclope Internet Filtering Proxy is that software that helps you to filter the kind of contents that you would not like access. Developed by Amplusnet, it is 2.1 MB file size software, with Windows 7 compatibility and having the latest version 2.7. It is not a freeware. But it is definitely worth of every penny that you would spend for it. Opening websites and files can be restricted using this utility, by setting the filtering systems according to your need. The web page that one may want to get to, will be displayed only if it complies with the set filter. There are a range of benefits that can be drawn from this type of set-up.
1) This software can help regulate the bandwidth usage, limiting personal use of the internet in the office premises and hindering users from visiting sites having explicit contents.

2) It would help abate the downloading of unlicensed software and stuffs that bear exclusive copyrights. 3) Internet filtering is customized, and a log of daily activities pertaining to internet usage can be maintained. 4) Productivity of employees would be channelized for more positive outputs. 5) Help in protecting the network from unprecedented threats that may lead to system breakdown. 6) Make internet usage effective with optimum management of the provided bandwidth.
Cyclope Internet Filtering Proxy is the best choice for firms to facilitate the best possible usage of the internet.

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