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CybSecure acts as perfect software for protecting your computer by filtering unwanted websites and acting as an online application blocking tool. It is a highly useful website filter which acts as a blocking tool for restricting unwanted internet and application access hence ensuring complete protection from threats that has the chance of coming through internet or emails. CybSecure provides complete solution from threats in the terminal server environment of Windows. It requires no agent software for its application procedure. CybSecure is compatible with all the Windows terminal versions like the Windows 2003, Windows 2008, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista and also support Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

CybSecure Terminal Server has got a strong hold over the policies covering the Internet access. With its variety of techniques CybSecure helps to protect the security by blocking visit of unwanted sites thus helping in increasing productivity of internet usage. This software helps in filtering emails and prevents unwanted file download ensuring security of the organization. CybSecure Terminal Server gets installed to a single location of your computer’s terminal server. It is optimized to ensure high security and fast performance of your computer. The user has to access permission from the management to visit blocked website if there is enough reason to visit the blocked website for business purpose thus maintaining transparency of the internet application.

These days most of the organizations install CybSecure Terminal Server in their employees’ workplace computers to prevent them from accessing unnecessary applications and downloading unwanted stuffs like games, images or videos which can violate company policies and impose threat on its security. The special blocking ability of this security server includes EXE Blocker as well as Window Blocker. With the combination of these two blockers it generally becomes impossible for any user to access unnecessary websites. CybSecure Terminal Server is greatly recommended for companies for ensuring their security.

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