Cryptgine Windows Plugin

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It often becomes necessary to lock files so that they do not get accessed by outsiders who are not allowed to do so. For this purpose, users have always wanted a tool which would do this job in a flawless manner. Cryptgine Windows Plugin helps users with this job and helps them securely lock files which supposedly contains sensitive information and has to be hidden from the public view. Cryptgine Windows Plugin also allows users to delete files permanently and never can they be recovered. This is called shredding and this involves deletion of redigital traces of the concerned files from the hard drive of the computer.

There is only a few methods of hiding sensitive information from the public view and encrypting them is one such method. Encryption involves deliberately juggling up the information so that only the people meant for can understand the contents. Cryptgine Windows Plugin contains high end encryption algorithms to encrypt the files and is almost fail safe in all cases. Besides, it can wipe files off completely from the face of the hard disk. Simply deleting a file from the computer does not delete it completely and can be recovered again. To make sure the file has been permanently deleted, Cryptgine Windows Plugin uses sophisticated algorithms which overwritten the data with random data and hence the digital signals which originally contained the file gets erased.

Cryptgine Windows Plugin has the following key features included which make it a first choice with users of all genres: easy to interface which helps users understand its intricate details and functionalities, 256 bit encryption algorithm which does a very good job of hiding data, small size which overcomes configuration problems easily. All in all, Cryptgine Windows Plugin is a truly useful software and that too highly effective in whatever it does.