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Anyone ever being in need of a good desktop security software comes across an array of such software, which claim to be the best in this league. Most of them is basically junk trying to sell themselves to inexperienced novices. But Clean Slate, a wonderful product coming from Fortres Grand Corporation, satisfies every single customer. Locked and loaded with the latest security features, it promises to be the savior of mankind from all evil currently roaming the world of computers.

Clean Slate is basically efficient at discarding all changes made to a particular computer by third party users. It comes in handy in cases where the computer is meant for public use. It becomes a cumbersome task for the administrator of the computer to undo the changes made by malicious users. But with Clean Slate, the job is reduced to a simple press of the reboot button. On restarting the computer all unwanted changes get removed, automatically. But this does not mean that it will affect other important aspects of the machine. It has been designed so carefully that it does not hamper the updates of installed antivirus programs or those of the existing operating system.

Summing it all up, the following features of Clean Slate make it such a favorite among its ever increasing fan base:-
: it is capable of undoing almost any change made to a computer by software, viruses, ad-ware and spy-ware,
: it restores the computer to its previous condition as per the administrator’s instructions,
: besides its normal functions, it is also capable of stopping undetected executable files and programs from executing,
: it does not interfere with internal workings of the machine related to its system and installed antivirus.

Clean Slate certainly delivers what it promises and that too at a very nominal price. It is certainly worth a try and to say the least, it won’t disappoint.

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