Chris Nowell Unix Security Analyzer

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Safety and security of a system is of primary importance, especially of those working in an environment where external threats roam freely. To make sure that one’s system is truly protected, one has to take certain measures like setting up a firewall and installing various software which specialize in removing infections that affect the system. But since prevention is better than cure, it is always a matter of pride if one can audit his/her system for the loopholes existing in the system. A good security audit can reveal the various gaps existing in the system and hence help the owner of the system get it back in shape. Chris Nowell Unix Security Analyzer from ThreeShield Information Security is one such tool which helps perform security audits for systems, personal and enterprise level systems.

Though the name of the product contains the term “Unix”, it is a Windows based software which comprises a security audit script written in shell script. This shell script needs to be understood and run in order to get the desired results. The script is simple enough for system administrators to understand and hence provides a comprehensive way of performing security checks. It was originally designed for administrators to check whether their networks are vulnerable but its simplicity and ease of use along with its importance, led on to it being used as a layman’s tool.

Chris Nowell Unix Security Analyzer has the following special features which have led to its immense success in the security auditor category: advanced algorithms to test a system thoroughly and find out everything necessary to file a complete report regarding the security status of the system, it is absolutely free and hence a tool of choice for everybody. Hence, Chris Nowell Unix Security Analyzer has the potential to succeed and so it will in very little time.