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BufferZone ensures you total threat free internet all day long be it in your PC or mobile. It offers you the extra security which is needed for your computer to combat all online threats. This free to use security software gives protection to your device from all harmful malwares and online viruses. BufferZone is unlike any other security software that needs several days to detect any new internet threat and constant update. It prevents your PC from all internet threats even from unknown threats which Anti Viruses misses out, without any updates or maintenance. Anti viruses and anti spam offers good security to your PC but they can still miss out on many hidden or unknown security threats. With BufferZone your PC’s 100% protection is guaranteed.

BufferZone provides your system with the final layer of security check. With BufferZone installed, all programs that enter your computer through downloads, uploads or browsing gets redirected to a separate virtual zone. This zone isolates all your external files and programs from your trusted confidential information and your computers’ operating system. Thus all your personal information remains threat free from any kind of damage. All viruses, phishing, spyware and malware can be avoided with the installation of BufferZone. With this security software you are free to try any external device, downloads, browsing or chat program tension free. BufferZone remains compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows Vista64.

With BufferZone installed in your PC you are ensured safe URL browsing, online shopping and net banking. Once BufferZone is installed in your system a tray icon appears at the bottom of your computer screen indicating the internet activity is buffered and you are free to browse safely. You can open any email attachment, download any file being totally secured. Now with BufferZone in your PC you are free to surf, download, e-bank anywhere anytime ensuring complete security of your device.

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