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Controlling the applications accessed by the employees in a company or by children at home often requires knowledge about the internal workings of the system. The system may consist of a large collection of computers or just a console at home. But on the whole, the job remains the same. To control the access to such applications which the concerned authorities feel to be necessary, a good software is recommended as the first choice. It calls itself ApreoFlex. It comes from the house of security software developer Apreo which specializes in this. ApreoFlex helps the system administrators maintain a list of applications which the users are forbidden from using.

Applications which are generally restricted from access are those which are both time consuming and unproductive. ApreoFlex prevents users from accessing those specific applications which the system administrators have included into the list. Its advanced algorithms allow it to lock down the applications and hence make the system less vulnerable to what administrators call ‘unnecessary poking’. ApreoFlex can lock applications like games, songs and video files, instant messaging applications, applications which connect to social networking and many more like these. It can automatically detect the usage of such applications and close them, preventing them from opening in future.

With the following features included in its arsenal, ApreoFlex is a great tool for this purpose: it can work in a network and detect the attempts made at opening the particular applications which are flagged as inappropriate, it is great at locking the applications which have been included in the black list, it is small in size and its great user friendly interface allows users to understand every single instruction without having to struggle with the complicacies. In short, ApreoFlex is a great parental control tool which works flawlessly every time it is called upon for service.