Download AppLocker

Often faced with the common problem of trying to figure out how to prevent a certain person or group of persons from meddling with the applications installed, users resort to means where it involves simply uninstalling the apps. This hampers their work to quite an extent and has led to the development of software, solely for this purpose. Software development firm Smart - X has come up with an original idea in the form of AppLocker. This has made lives easy by simply helping users to lock multiple programs away from people they do not intend to allow.

AppLocker is often used by parents to lock certain programs away from their children. It also finds use in industries where authorities find it necessary to lock programs away from their employees. It has been programmed to block the executable files from opening which have been put in the block list of the program. The programs can again be unblocked to run them in a normal fashion. Though it does not password protect them, it can be used in the administrator mode to put it to real use. In that case it would require administrator permission to remove programs from the list of blocked executables.

AppLocker has gained popularity among the masses mainly due to the following:
: great tool to apply the concept of parental control of software,
: works as instructed; it blocks specified .exe files from unauthorized users,
: small size makes it perfect for any kind of machine willing to hire similar services,
: completely free and hence a great software to possess.

Overall, AppLocker manages to attract the attention of security fanatics through its simple yet elegant functions. It does not require to be open in order to function, which is another of its great feature. It is tailored for those who like to keep it simple.