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Internet protocols can form the most intricate labyrinth. And decoding that intricacy can pose to be one of the most cumbersome jobs. For laymen like us, the information superhighway is not literally a safe path. The multitude of threats, malwares, and junk programs that can possibly jam your internet traffic is fairly unfathomable. Yet, there is always a way out, if and only if, you can be warned about an impending ‘virus attack’. That is exactly what security utility programs like Apani ThreatView can do for you. It is that solution which can prove to be a blessing in more than one way. This utility software was launched by Apani Networks. What it basically does is very simple. It scans your network and its existing traffic. This probe is strictly within a given specific limit. Within this limit, every pattern, feature and characteristic of the network’s traffic would be analysed and it would be presented to the user in the form of an executive summary. Though such a summary might be full of technical information, yet it would help you to exploit the internet protocol to your benefit. Here is a bottom-line of its features: 1) It functions by running a quick snapshot analysis. This way it gives a summary of the overall risk factors that would otherwise pose as a threat to your computer, unless you are alarmed beforehand.
2) It has a minimal file size of 1.37 MB.
3) It is compatible with Windows NT, Windows XP and Windows 2000 operating system. 4) It is available for free download

Apani ThreatView keeps up to its name literally. It eases your experience with the internet each and every time and it makes your net surfing experience all the more better and significantly hassle-free. Needless to say, you can definitely give it a try to know its advantages and enjoy them too.