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Computers are very sensitive and require careful handling as far as security is concerned. System administrators have to be careful while dealing with the security of the computers which are put under their supervision. To protect computers from unauthorised access, they often take measures which include protecting the individual consoles with passwords. Software developing firm Code Red Systems has developed AirStop Multiport, a subtle yet powerful tool to counter the everyday problems faced by the community. AirStop Multiport is a great option when it comes to protecting a system or a network from unauthenticated intrusion by application of certain tools which prove to be efficient enough.

AirStop Multiport prevents computers which are enabled to be accessed through wireless channels and laptops to be fail safe from wireless hacking. It can lock such machines and hence prevent access to them. It can also detect and prevent advanced attacks which are performed through wireless channels and hence protect the computers from getting affected. It can prevent even most advanced attacks from being successful such as “wireless bridging”. It also holds the capability to be controlled by a central user, or in other words, the system administrator of a particular network. He/she can control the whole of the network by using this software through his/her console.

AirStop Multiport has the following in-built features which make it such a great success amongst security enthusiasts all over the world: it can detect powerful and advanced wireless hacks and prevent them from being successful, it can be installed on a single machine and hence can be used to monitor entire networks comprising computers of various types, it has a user friendly interface which does not require much technical expertise and it is relatively small in size to be enjoyed on almost all hardware types assembled togoether.

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