Active Directory collector

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The Active Directory collector is software that is dedicated to the server activities. Installing the AD Collector on your server network will give you the ability to configure the Active Directory inside a MySQL Database. This Active Directory contains the Logouts, Logins, the software that have been installed in all the following workstations connected, the IP addresses of all the workstations as well the MAC addresses of the Workstations. The querying procedure at your MySQL database would return you the reports that concern with utilization of your workstation, security and software inventory.

The Active Directory Collector has been developed in such a way that it fits perfectly as your privacy and security tool. You can install the Active directory collector on your server and then configure the active directory of the system. This should enable running the login script which would initiate AD collector to start collecting the information rather record it in the MySQL database that includes all the processes defining the working of a system in the network. The MAC and the IP addresses of the systems can also be monitored easily. The requirement for operating system ranges from all versions of Windows from 98 to Vista.

So if you are one of those stuck in the old versions, this is a good way out. This reliable privacy and security tool after installed in your network is bound to work wonders for you. The ability to collect all information and view their time and date of modifications is what the Active directory collector specifies in doing. This software also provides the auditing solution that deals with network administration. The AD collector has the facility to track down everything ranging from times at which users have logged in or out of the network to even software auditing. This is surely a wonder amongst network solutions.