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Access patrol CurrentWare offers an amazing solution to all the companies and organizations which are in search of ways for securing of company end points. The solution goes by the name of AccessPatrol, which helps you to secure the end points of the company from any external as well as removable media. These media include any USB devices, DVDs, wifi systems, cds, firewire, Bluetooth and any other external devices or portable devices.

The benefit of using AccessPatrol is that you can prevent leakage or misuse of sensitive information that might get out due to these external and portable devices. One may never know what risk he is taking by using these external media on vulnerable machines. Huge as well as moderate businesses which store data as a soft copy can prevent these problems with the use of AccessPatrol. It also prevents your machine or system to get infected or corrupt even if any virus containing data is connected or operated on your computer. No one would want after all, that a company’s or organization’s is being compromised and misused just due to malware and lack of proper attention.

AccessPatrol forms a one of the most important components of the CurrentWare’s suite which is rich in security products abundantly. The AccessPatrol software is both cost effective as well as multi beneficiary. It has a pricing on the basis of no of computers. The pricing commences at $79 for a single user and go so on, on a per computer basis. Since huge companies and organizations have a multitude of computer systems and machines, there are a variety of AccessPatrol packs or subscriptions available as per the need of the user. The packs are licensed from the company owner itself and therefore buyers should be aware of any forgery or duplicate products available in the market.

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