Download CometEye Lite

This application is adapted especially for business and home users. It’s a video monitoring application that delivers both video and also audio transmissions. These transmissions can be delivered either with a high-speed Internet connection or a dial-up Internet connection. This application can be used not just from your PC but also from hand held devices such as Pocket PC or Smart phones.

Another unique and efficient features of this application are that it eliminates the problems that arises with NAT connections and Firewalls by dispatching the video stream through the CometEye public server. It also has an option that allows multiple clients viewing and network broadcasting. The application also comes included with remote administration abilities. This software can be used on as many machines as you require and being free it makes the video surveillance system cost effective.

It is a lightweight software that is easily installed on your computer and will not take up too much system space. Its user interface is simple and easy to use making it perfect for all kinds of user no matter what their skill sets are. It is a great software for single camera security systems and the best part is that it is absolutely free.

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