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Hundreds of problematic registry entries may appear after you uninstall programs or do other activities that involve registry editing. These registry entries usually slow down the PC as they pile up by tens or hundreds and in the worst case scenario, if important registry files are damaged, you might end up with a broken operating system.

To avoid such scenarios, it is advisable to use tools like Wise Registry Cleaner.  It is a comprehensive tool dedicated to optimize the performance of your computer by deleting unwanted files. It is designed in such a way that will enable even novice users to deal with system registry files. It works by scanning the system for obsolete data in the registry files and deleting those. All those items that contribute in slowing down your computer speed are detected during the scan and removed. They can be anything from obsolete software paths to unnecessary settings.Once a scan is completed, it can display a list of all the problems found along with description so that you can decide what you want to do with each. Alternatively, you can choose to solve all the detected issues automatically by the program. It is also possible to undo the changes easily so that you can use it with relief.

The program interface is very user friendly with a tabbed structure making it extremely simple to start with. The schedule feature helps those who want to automate regular system maintenance. It supports backup option to have a manual backup of whole registry or the backup of deleted registry that you can restore. You can also have restore points to delete registry. Using advanced algorithms, the program is capable of offering a very fast and reliable scan compared to others in its class.Such a powerful tool is really good to offer so much for free. So wait not and get it for you today!

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