Download Microsoft Windows Installer Cleanup Utility

Windows Installer is an indispensable tool in the Windows operating system, which allows you to properly install different software. You might have not known, but Windows Installer is another part of the operating system which can easily get damaged, causing severe damage to the complete OS if you do not repair it.

Microsoft Windows Installer Cleanup Utility is a tool designed by Microsoft itself in order to repair the problems that may arise when Windows Installer gets corrupted. It is damaged under the following situations:

  • Computer registry is corrupted
  • Registry settings that Windows Installer is using, are altered anyhow
  • Installation of program using Windows Installer is disturbed
  • Multiple instances of any program setup are running at the same time

If you like doing a system cleanup at regular intervals by the uninstallation of programs, this program can help you if you feel the need to have them again any time. It effectively fulfills its purpose which is to remove the configuration information of Windows Installer from any program. It makes space for new programs installation by removing all traces of the Installer settings for uninstalled programs.

Once you install this tool, you are provided with a list of installed softwares from which you can choose those to uninstall. The main purpose of the software was to remove those Windows softwares that would not uninstall themselves with the help of add/remove programs.

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