Download Junkware Removal Tool

Thisisu’s Junkware Removal Tool is a portable software which helps to remove unwanted toolbars, adware, potentially unwanted programs (PUP). It is a single step system cleaner. This tool not only intends to remove unwanted, suspicious, harmful virus and threats but also gets rid of any traces left behind in your system. Thus it secures your computer and protects it from foreign threats.

Junkware Removal Tool has a simple command line interface but there is no doubt about its effectiveness and fast processing. It also creates a detailed register for its actions. Apart from that this tool is also easy to install and has a database backup. The registry backup created by the software scans the whole computer. The whole scan takes about five minutes and completes finding and removing the unwanted PUPs and adware within that time. So it is fast, reliable and is suggested to install for the betterment of your computer security.

This Junkware Removal Tool has received very good feedback from its installers. It is very safe in use. This tool adds a very powerful cleaning to your security, thus improving the overall security of your computer. This software is also compatible with all versions of Windows operating system. You will be pleased if you install it.

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