Download Dell PC TuneUp

Cleaning softwares are getting increasingly popular day by day due to the benefits they offer for your system. The objective of such programs is to fix the system errors that are caused by changes in applications and programs and thus improve the performance of your system. You find a variety of software tools of this category in the market, each having its own capabilities and tasks. Users can choose the best one fitting their needs from the options available.

One of the cleaning software that is available for free and that comes pre-installed in some of the Dell systems is named Dell PC TuneUp and designed for system maintenance related tasks. The main purpose of the program is to keep your computer work like the first day all through its lifetime. It contains features like registry repair, optimization of hard drive defragmentation, filtering for Windows startup processes, etc. for meeting this goal. It is a reliable and powerful program that is definitely capable of fixing your computer to make it work like never before. The advanced utilities that can free your RAM memory, delete invalid registries and find temporary files inside your hard drive are all included to make it the best solution for system maintenance.

Even if you know nothing about system maintenance and optimization, this program serves your system due to the above mentioned features it is incorporated with. The program interface is very user friendly and easy to access. It has multi-task menus and an excellent performance. It is capable of supporting all versions of Windows Operating systems. In addition to the above mentioned standard functions, it even gives you some utilities that are out of the class and really helpful. For instance, it offers File Undelete which lets you recover deleted files and Secure Delete that lets you remove files permanently from hard drive.

Download it today and let it boost the performance of your computer!

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