Download USB Drive Antivirus

Designed and developed by USB Antivirus Inc; USB Drive Antivirus, as is evident from its name, is intended to help users protect their systems from various malicious applications that can try to corrupt or infect their systems by using the removable media as an access point. Available as a free to try software application, you can avail this tool on a trial basis with limited functionalities. The tool makes claims to offer 100 percent protection again all types of viruses or malware software that can infect your system through your USB drives. Whenever a USB drive is connected to your system, this utility scans the drive for any malware or viruses and blocks or removes them from the device. It also claims to offer protection against Trojans and worms.

You can implement this utility in various Windows based platforms, including Windows 2000, 2003, 7, XP, and Vista versions. This tool claims to offer 100 percent guaranteed protection against viruses, as compared to its contemporary applications that offer only about 80 percent security assurance. This is considered as one of the major highlights of this software application. This is considered an ideal tool for those who regularly deal with removable media. It is also considered a good option to secure computers maintained in public spaces like libraries or internet café where USB drives or other removable media are frequently used to transfer or copy data.

This tool can also be implemented in offline computers and is considered to effectively secure the computer system from viruses or other malicious applications, without the need for frequent updates. This is opposed to various other antivirus solutions that become ineffective when their database in not updated at frequent intervals. The tool also claims to be compatible with various software applications, making it easy to use and implement. It is a simple utility and does not consume too much of your system’s resources.

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