Download USB Disk Security

Designed and developed by an entity called Zbshareware Lab; USB Disk Security is, exactly what its name suggests, an utility that is intended to secure your system from any malicious applications that try to enter your systems through USB drives. This tool is intended not only to secure your system from malicious applications that try to corrupt your disk but also to secure your data from theft or unauthorized access. It claims to be one of the best offline security applications as it does not require frequent signature updates.

It is compact and can be used in sync with other antivirus solutions. Moreover, the tool is not resource intensive, so it does not affect your other regular activities. Available as a free to try software application, you can avail the trial version with limited functionalities. The tool comes designed with a simple and intuitive interface that is professionally designed and easy to use. It is integrated with several beneficial features such as the USB Shield which monitors your drives on a real-time basis, USB scan that checks for malware, USB Access Control, and USB Drive Control functionalities. There are also some additional tools such as the Repair System, Disk Cleanup, and Autostart List. For new users, the tool offers an extensive Help feature.

You can implement this utility in various Windows based platforms, including Windows 2000, 2003, 2008, 7, XP, Vista, and Server versions. Today USB drives are regularly and widely used because of their compact size, portability features, and ease of use. However, the fact that they are used in multiple systems and are used to transfer data and files makes them a vulnerable point in terms of system security. This tool claims to offer protection against such vulnerabilities and enable you to use your drives without fear of corrupting your system or losing your data.

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