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AVG Internet Security 2012, is a well-known and widely used antivirus and system optimization software utility that offers its users the ability to secure their systems from malicious applications and ensure it functions in an optimal manner. This tool claims to speed up your system’s overall performance by helping you download content-rich online files in a faster manner. It also ensures that your system does not take too long to boot. Faster download of videos from the internet is another aspect in which this tool claims to bring about a huge difference. It offers support for HD as well as Flash videos and ensures that they are downloaded at a faster rate. No more waiting long hours for your YouTube videos to download.

You can implement this tool in various Windows based systems such as Windows 2000, 7, XP, and Vista versions. Besides optimal performance of your system, the utility also offers features to secure it against malicious programs. The tool implements a firewall function that secures your system from unauthorized downloads, secure your system from both outbound and inbound attacks by viruses or other malware, protects your personal data that has been entered in online forms, and secures all your online transactions that are executed through online portals or banking websites. The antivirus definitions are updated at frequent intervals to secure your system from newly introduced malware and malicious programs. The publishers claim that its research team is constantly working to secure its users from hackers and other programmers who are constantly introducing new viruses and malware to attack your system.

The tool is also integrated with a Scan feature that executes a scan to check your system for any suspicious applications or content that could compromise the security of your system. These scans can be configured to run during system idle time to ensure that it does not affect your regular activities. The application also offers security features to secure your email application. It scans your mail for viruses that are downloaded through mail and helps to keep your inbox free from all spam mails. The tool is also activated when you try to exchange files through popular IM programs such as Yahoo or MSN. The tool also offers support for various social networking sites such as Facebook and secures you from exchanging any malicious content through these websites. This is a product from the house of AVG Technologies USA.

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