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ARTAV Antivirus is a freeware tool designed to keep simple, the complex process of protecting your systems against all forms of software threats such as virus, worms, Trojans, and any sort of malware. This tool is also designed to update itself with the latest signatures to ensure detection of any threats, as latest as possible. This tool is still evolving and needs lots of improvements, both, in look and functionality.

The tool has three scanning modules, Full System scan, a Custom scan and a Module for removable. The full system scan takes around ten minutes for a system of moderate content. The custom scan will allow the user to scan particular folders or files. The removable scan module allows the user to scan for removable storage such as USB drives and CDs. In addition to these, this tool claims to have real-time protection of the systems. However, there are some issues related to up gradation of the signatures. The application hangs mostly during these upgrades and sometimes you may end up restarting your system itself. The up gradation process, if successful, still takes lots of time and your patience is expected for successful completion.

In addition to the antivirus functionality, this tool also comes along with three other additional tools such as the process manager, a pop up blocker, and a virtual key board. The absence of Help functionality is a disappointment and the users are compelled to browse online for solving issues faced. The GUI offered is too simple and we expect the look and feel to be better. Though free, this tool needs to be deployed with due care and proper analysis. It can be best used as a secondary anti-virus product along with a popular and standard protection system available. Though the tool runs on very low RAM, it affects the system performance, whenever active.

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