Download Webcam Anti Hijack

Hijacking a webcam has become an extremely common problem these days.  It is becoming an increasing threat to personal and even business computers. The webcam hijacking programs make it easy for a hijacker to spy on any webcam at anytime. Such hijacking programs are often undetected by the top class anti-virus software available in the market. This is because, in most of the cases, the user uses to employ the webcams in chatting under an extremely reliable agent, like – internet browsers, chat messengers etc.

Now, in such a condition, it is best to make use of anti hijacking software and Webcam Anti hijack is such a tool in the market. This software has a great capability to detect hijacking threats for the user’s computer. It is entirely different from all other such software in the market. It treats every new process as threat and deal with it, and if anything notorious is available, it stops the process automatically and immediately.

The software comes with a smart agent, which has learning capabilities. The user can define rules in the rule definition system of this software, and the software will perform as per the pre-defined rule and will stop processes accordingly. It comes with a 90 days free trial option and it is compatible with the latest versions of windows operating system like Windows XP, Vista, 7 and also with Windows 8.

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