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The concept of protection against online threats has been in existence since the advent of the internet itself. The internet is a very tricky place to roam for those who are unwary of the dangers it has in store for them. It is well populated by countless threats many of which are invisible to the inexperienced eye. They need to be countered as soon as possible and that too with a heavy hand. For this purpose alone software developers VirShield has gifted us a free virus scanner which goes by the same name. VirShield accomplishes tasks where it involves protecting the user from virus attacks and other such security issues.

VirShield finds compatibility with almost any web browser, be it Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer or Safari. It does not attach itself as a plug-in and hence does not slow down the web surfing experience. It acts a shield from undesirable content which is so easily encountered these days over the web. It advises the user against illicit websites and protects them from possible virus attacks. It has a large database which contains information regarding well known threats and hence blocks similar content at the time they try to access the machine of the user.

VirShield incorporates the following features which make it an instant recipe for success as an advisor against virus attacks:
: very efficient at detecting threats trying to gain access and hence preventing them, thus protecting the user from getting affected,
: it maintains a white list of websites which indicates the sites it considers to be harmful but the user has flagged them as appropriate,
: it is completely free and hence will continue to provide protection against imminent threats forever with its automatic updates.

Doing the job it was originally developed to do, it has evolved into something much more, a trustee of millions worldwide!

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