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When it comes to using the computer or laptop, everyone needs to keep an eye on the threats, like – virus attacks, Trojans, keyloggers etc. Among all these threats, keyloggers are one of the most harmful ones to the user. It logs all the inputs that the user supply from the computer through the keyboard, and thus it can steal any information of the user.

Now, there are different anti-viruses in the market, but most of them are almost in no use to detect keyloggers. However, few can detect them, but cannot destroy them, cannot even detect their new entry automatically. For all such reasons, the user needs to have strong software backup to stop entry of a keylogger. In this case, Keylogger Blocker is undoubtedly one of the best software in the market.

It is an advanced and specialized tool for the purpose of blocking keyloggers and spywares. This software can detect the entry of a keylogger automatically and it can also point out the present keyloggers and spywares in the user’s computer. Moreover, this software can protect the files from an undetected, keylogger by keeping the files, folders and all other information encrypted in SE file and folder protection system.

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