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GuardedID Premium is an Anti-Keylogger software. Nowadays, connecting the computer system to the internet exposes the system to cyber threat. Users think that a standard antivirus or anti spyware software would protect their computer, but then traditional antivirus software's are not very effective in keeping bank account details and other private information safe. A Keylogger software is a used by cyber thieves through which they record every character that was keyed in by the keyboard. GuardedID Premium protects the users from hackers who try and commit cyber thefts using the keylogger software.

The software has a very pleasant interface and is very easy to install and run. This software works in union with the antivirus and antispyware programs already loaded in the system. This software steers the keyboard away from the keylogger and controls it at the root level of the operating system. It uses an alternative method for transmitting keyboard data from the operating system to the browser or other applications.

This software is supported by Microsoft Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7. The manufacturer website offers a FAQs section along with email, phone and chat support. GuardedID Premium comes packaged with robust features and delivers effectively. This makes the software worth a try.

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