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Advanced Anti Keylogger is an anti keylogger software. Keylogger software today is the most malicious software that usually is sent to a user’s computer with the email attachments. This keylogger software then transmits important information like passwords, usernames and other sensitive information. An anti keylogger software helps solve this problem.

Advanced Anti Keylogger is a basic and efficient software that works in that direction. It encrypts keystrokes and successfully scrambles the data that has been entered in the computer via the keyboard. The software also protects the computer against keyboard inputs and screenshot captures. This software has a high security mode made for common use, custom security mode made for experienced users and a changeable system tray icon that displays current security modes that are in use. It also lists modules that attempt to monitor keyboard activity. Users can also add a password to protect the application so that only the machine administrator can disable the software.

Advanced Anti Keylogger supports Windows XP, Windows 2003 and Windows NT operating systems. The website offers help through a community forum, FAQs section and an instruction manual. The software is slightly outdated in terms of the new types of keyloggers that are being introduced into the world of cyber crime daily. However, this software is effective in protecting the computer against traditional keyloggers.

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