Spam Ignorer Corporate Edition

Download Spam Ignorer Corporate Edition

System administrators need effective protection for their systems which includes protection from outside attacks and threats including spam. Spam is one of the most dangerous and time consuming attacks devised to disrupt work. To protect systems such as mail servers from such attacks, an excellent software is used by administrators which goes by the name of Spam Ignorer Corporate Edition. Coming from the house of security software developer Spam Ignorer, Spam Ignorer Corporate Edition is a powerful tool integrated with powerful features which provides mail servers and other systems with ample protection from such unwanted security breaches.

Spam enters the mail box of users and generally present them various offers which lure unsuspecting users into traps where their entire resources are consumed and they are left in loss. Sometimes, bank and credit card details are extracted and this allows the attacker to access the user’s money and that leaves him totally at the mercy of the attacker. To help users avoid such unsolicited mail, Spam Ignorer Corporate Edition always stands on guard at the sentry points. Its powerful algorithms detect the mail incoming and check them against the list of allowed sites which are spam free. In this way, it helps protect identity theft of the users and also their resources.

Spam Ignorer Corporate Edition has got the following important features integrated in its roots which help it provide comprehensive and all round protection against spam: sophisticated algorithms to detect incoming spam, maintenance of a white list of websites which do not send spam, small size meaning it can be run almost anywhere, absolutely free of cost makes it one of the most sought after software in its category of tools. Thus, Spam Ignorer Corporate Edition proves to be much more than it actually seems to be with all these in its arsenal.