Download Modusgate

Modusgate is an email security software which was designed by Vircom. This software helps to detect viruses, spam mails and many other malwares that may harm the system significantly. It can protect any Microsoft Exchange software in range of 2000-2010. Along with spam mails, there are many other different kinds of fraud emails. Modusgate was awarded with VBspam award, am award which is given to world’s best spam detecting software. It also has many other features like mail server routes, multiple deployment and many other options. Another important feature of this software is that end user quarantine email control for system directly from outlook.

Modusgate is a multiple anti spam detecting engine. It has several different features which help it to detect latest type of spam mails. Some of them are DNSBL filtering which works from connection level, scanning PDF files thoroughly before downloading them, detecting spam images, analyzing email headers, Sender Reputation System for IPs etc. along with that direct quarantine, dual anti virus scanning system, multi layer anti spam detector etc are its important features. A multi layer feature is always better than a single layer system as chances of spam mails getting filtered through and getting leaked are more in single layer system.

If any software has become popular, that means it has several benefits which other software lack. Modusgate watches your PC and mail account all 24 hours of a day and all 7 days of a week. It gets automatically updated every 15 minutes. It also has data leakage preventing system. Some spam mails are designed in such a way that they hack important information such as details of bank account of a person, email password and many other confidential matter. Modusgate detects and prevents all such spam mails from entering your inbox. So if you are looking for a powerful spam detector, this is indeed the best option.