Aloaha SPAM Rejector

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Aloaha Spam Rejector is a unique application that allows every user to protect their data against SPAM. This specialized tool intercepts the e-mails before entering the operating system of the user’s device. This tool eliminates the SPAM before they could reach the target servers of the user’s device. This is the first antispam that supports the centralised configuration data which can be shared within several installations.

The Aloaha Spam Rejector software has been developed by the Wrocklage Intermedia Gmbh in both the trial and free version at a certain price as per the requirement of the user. This program comprises of size 4.8MB which easily operates on all the version of Windows like windows 98, XP, ME, NT, 2000, Windows 7 and even windows 8. The software supports the Sender Policy Framework (SPF) and has the Microsoft Sender ID support, which makes it different from other programs. In addition to this, the software supports features like the automatic IP blacklisting, has an active directory integrated, rejects mail rather than deleting or quartering them, supports an inbuilt NDR rejector, supports regular expression, an intelligent POP3 Connector and a freeware NNTP SDK is included within the software and much more features are stuffed in it.

This tool has some special feature like it supports the network load balancing cluster, operates in every SMTP server and much more. As in for an overall consideration, the Aloaha Spam Rejector is a user friendly software which has an AV intuitive interface and has the Microsoft MMC integrated in it. This is a very expressive software that consumes a very low amount of CPU and demands for a minimum amount of system memory storage.