AdShield Popup And Ad Blocker

Download AdShield Popup And Ad Blocker

Tired of the intrusive pop ups and banners jumping to life whenever you visit a site? Its time you do something about it. It not only disrupts your browsing efficiency, it also eats up valuable bandwidth and increases the size of downloads by secretly including ads within the downloaded items. Search for a solution and you are bound to get AdShield Popup and Ad Blocker as one of the top references. It is because of its immense usefulness and robust features that it has managed to stay on top.

AdShield Popup and Ad Blocker blends into the work environment of Internet Explorer and seamlessly monitors the traffic that is going through it. In the process, it eliminates the unwanted ads, banners and pop ups that otherwise irritate the person in front of the monitor!

AdShield Popup and Ad Blocker has the following awesome features which leave no doubt about its functioning and capabilities:
● it not only blocks pop ups and banners, it also holds the capability of blocking any malicious content that it finds to be inappropriate,
● it is free,
● it upgrades itself periodically and hence incorporates the latest features of the software direct from the home of the developers,
● it has got an extensive help system which is aimed at guiding the users and helping them out in case of any problem,
● it maintains the privacy level of the user by blocking ads which often ask for personal details of the unwary visitors,
● being an add-on, it does not take up much system resources, working efficiently on the contrary.

With all these efficient features, AdShield Popup and Ad Blocker can definitely claim to be a leader in this field. Its efficiency, robustness and simplicity definitely help it earn some grace points with its users as well as critics. With this little tool in their inventory, users can definitely say goodbye to annoying pop ups and banners.