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IARP64Pro powerful anti-piracy software used for copy protection and software licensing. This tool mainly deals with handling the cracking threats from crackers and hackers. This tool implements its own compression method based on the LZMA technology. This 64 bit copy protection tool works on any 64 bit Windows operating system. This tool ensures that the original application functionality is not disturbed in any manner and also is designed in such a manner that there is no need of any code change to the original application. The tool ensures that the unpacking and decryption are performed seamlessly and the original application need not know anything on this process. This tool saves lots of the developer’s time by allowing them to concentrate only on the functional part of the application.

Once the application is developed, then integrating with this tool for creating a package with unbreakable framework against cracking and piracy for the software licensing is taken care by this anti-piracy tool. The concept of licensing systems is made that easy by this tool that even a simple programmer can transfer the original application in to a license oriented business package by the clicks of few buttons on this tool. There are many advantages of using this tool, other than handling piracy and cracking. The compression technology used in this tool reduces the size of the original application by more than seventy percent. Also there is a video available from the publishers of this tool on how effectively we can use it to create packages. The complete help options are demonstrated for easy understanding.

The licensing options of this tool are very flexible and there are multiple packages of this tool available to suit many different needs of end customers. There is a compression only version as well as the protection alone version. The cost is comparatively nominal when compared to many other similar packages available in the market. This tool is certainly a performance enhancer for the developers and a great business savior for the publisher of varying applications. It ensures that you get the returns for the efforts put in the development of the application by preventing the crackers and pirates copying and misusing the licensing rights of your application.

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