Formosa Auditor Vulnerability Management

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The software that had been made by the inventor to protect computers from anti spyware and anti malware programs. Software is totally operated by its centrally managed vulnerability platform that had been invented after an eight month long research procedure. It has the capabilities to search on any network and find out the possible affected programs and highlights the security exposures. It generates several advanced features such as network scanning, vulnerabilities evaluation, accumulate all the risk factors, analyzes and examines all the risk factors, scanning at network assets to find out potential vulnerabilities. Even Formosa auditor Vulnerability Management software has the permission to support the scanning for viruses at IPv4, IPv6 too. The inventors of the software are keen to deliver more updated vulnerability programs to stop the vulnerabilities.

Formosa Auditor Vulnerability Management software provides services in many sectors along with the advance technological backup to expose the risky programs from the several sectors of the network. It has the ability to scan viruses from the LAN and WAN network setups. According to the users it supports all windows operating systems along with the windows server, Linux, Unix etc.. This antivirus software catches the infected files after going through several steps and produce a detail report of scanning in .XML format so that the users can get the information and the types of the files those are infected their machine components.

There is no need to install this software to run it on any systems, so the users can try it through the pen drive or any external devices. This plug and play feature have made this unique and effective spyware at any highly infected machine. Even Formosa Auditor Vulnerability Management software has the ability to perform multiple scanning and shows the result at a time and supports multi languages to provide the vulnerability report.