Mail Scan for VP0P3

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We use emails as a means of communication and data transfer system. Emails are being used by everybody whether it is individual or any organization. Downloading and sharing of data through emails attract virus into our computer system. Email increases the threat of security from the viruses and malwares. These viruses can attack to your PC from many sources. These viruses can come through internet by downloading any files or by using any external storage drives into your system. As an attachment many hidden and non traceable viruses enter into your system.

Many people use various antivirus softwares in their PC in order to secure the PC from viruses and malwares. These viruses scans only the files what available on PC or getting download into the PC. But very few people use the antivirus which scans mails. Mail is the major source of getting virus and malwares into your computer system. Therefore you need some effective mail scan software which can protect your PC from the viruses which are coming from Emails attachments. Mail Scan for VP0P3 is software which scans for viruses in emails. Mail Scan software scans every mail and their attachment before downloading into your system.

It works on all email servers like POP3, IMAP etc. It can be installed on the server and can be used to scan the viruses on real time system.  It is the fastest and secure mail scan software which scans all the emails downloading at rapid speed. It checks for all contents and attachment of the mails downloading on the server. If it comes across any virus it does not allow them to reach to the server. It protects the email server from all spam and phishing emails. It uses the protective filters of various levels which act as a protective gateway to these viruses.