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Block Hackers is a new variety of software for protecting you and your system from all sorts of hackers and their hacking activities. This software is very different from the customary anti-virus or anti-spyware or anti-malware software. While these customary software monitor for particular signature of data, this tool concentrates on the current open ports of the users system. The tool looks out for all the data passing through the open ports of the users system and looks for any script attacks through these open ports.

The developers of this tool have observed the weakness of the current security tools and have designed a simple but powerful architecture of this product. The basic tendency of the hackers has been well studied for the designing of this tool. This tool looks for the script attacks which generally lead to a back door activity on the users system. The tool looks for symptom of attempts to install a backdoor script through the Open ports. It studies the packets and prevents any attempts for such script installation

The drawbacks of the most powerful security products in the market have been a reason for the development of this tool. However, this tool too cannot provide total guarantee for the prevention of hacking activities on your system. This tool can run on any flavor of Microsoft OS. Guaranteed stability and constant updates are expected from the manufactures of this tool to handle the ever increasing and challenging threat of the hackers.