The UNIBOARD is real time software and board based application development platform, which enhances the experiences who want to make a career out of software developing profession. Strong application based software can also be developed through the Uniboard software development platform, as it encourages the use of several on-board communication ports along with joystick and some other application based communication device between the user and the human interface purser. Powered by the RISC machines mostly the (ATmega 128), the board is capable of handling 16MIPS of data throughout along with a built-in 128KB internal storage space. Any kind of embedded and real time programming involvement can be done by utilizing the UNIBOARD application. On board peripherals like the joystick and some other communication ports like the RS232 enhances the chance for development of application based games, which apt the UNIBOARD as an ideal platform to develop embedded or real time software. Use of VT102 terminal makes the UNIBOARD the most eligible for developing every single kind of application based software developments in an embedded, which is a non-OS environment along with dependent OS environments. uC, nut OS, FreeRTOS- all of these RT KERNELS can be ported on the UNIBOARD to gain real time on hand experiences in application based software developing procurements as these RT KERNELS have small foot prints on embedded and OS software applications. The UNIBOARD can be a real triumph for the ones who seek the career option out of the profession of embedded software and application design utilizing the full value offered by the UNIBOARD and its content rich user manual. As the UNIBOARD enhances the accommodation for preliminary port applications like the sensor data acquisition along with some complex programming applications like designing an embedded web-server, the UNIBOARD can offer immense value in designing embedded data acquisition systems and more.