Typing Reflex

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The Typing Reflex program is designed for training people to an effective ten finger touch type process. In other words it means that this technique involves automatic keystroke by the right finger. This whole process is programmed in such a way that one learns to type efficiently without even looking at the keyboard. The main aim of this process is to work on the right reflex. The exercises included in the program stresses on the optimal conditions so that the proper reflex can be installed. The various important exercises are the easy keystroke program, the increase in the difficulty level of the exercises, some stringent trial and error methods to rectify the mistakes soon like incomplete lines for errors. Number of exercises contained in the basic level ranges from 120 to 150. This is figured out depending on the language. The entire training takes around 4 to 12 hours depending on the skill of the person. There are a number of good features that this program has. Some of them being sounds for keystroke, user friendly interfaces like that of the text processor, supports multiple languages, forecasts the training time, screen keyboard is offered for visual memorization, shows reports, and also it has various user defined styles to solve the exercises. This program is available in English and also in many other foreign languages. A very short span is given to the users to execute the exercises so that the skill develops fast with accuracy. Besides exercises, a lot of tips are provided to make the work easy. Typing is a very important thing now specially on work purposes. Typists are required almost in all major field of work. So with the help of this program, one can learn to type fast and become an expert at it. It will open various work fields to a person. Some of the exercises are downloadable. So one can download and learn.