Typing Instructor for Kids Platinum

Download Typing Instructor for Kids Platinum

Typing Instructor for Kids Platinum is a learning software that is designed and developed completely for the kids. It is a kind of educational, motivating and full of entertaining software. While entertaining, it teaches the kids about all the basics of keyboarding, proper positions of hands on the keyboard, accuracy and speed of typing. In this software, kids can view lands for their lessons, challenges, games and tests. It is enriched with various creative exercises and lessons in teaching kids about the basics of keyboard typing. In this teaching software, step by step instructions for typing are provided, along with this, it includes lessons for positions of finger on keyboard, proper posture and various ergonomic options. It also includes video aids for displaying and guiding the proper placement of fingers on keyboard. Multiple typing challenges are also included in this software for providing guidance to the kids about typing. The typing challenges included in this software includes comprehensive evaluation, challenges for advanced levels, challenges for multi level game, and timed challenges. Different typing tests are also included in the Typing Instructor for Kids Platinum software. This typing test calculates the accuracy and speed of the kids for improving their typing skill. The system requirements for installing this software are 16 bit sound card, Pentium P4, operating systems like windows 7, windows vista, windows XP or windows 2000. Other than this, it requires a hard disk space of 480 MB, headphones or speakers for listening sound, minimum screen resolution of 800x600, 16 bit display or higher than this and a CD ROM drive.