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TypeIt ReadIt is software application developed for reading out loud the texts that appears on the computer screen using the text to speech technology. It is developed for the persons who are blind or are visually impaired. It helps in increasing the ability of reading comprehension. This software is designed and developed to convert the text files into sound spoken files by using a technology named text to speech technology. These converted sound files can be implemented or inserted into CD, PowerPoint slides, iTunes, iPod, audacity or iMovie or any device or software that supports the sound files. This is helpful software for those students who are facing problems while delivering their speech and thus can be placed easily in their respective PowerPoint presentations and thus helps them in participating in their class lessons and activities. It can be easily used for listening any report, e-book or the documents that are saved in the form of plain text. The audio, which is generated by TypeIt ReadIt, cannot be saved or stored anywhere in the system unless and until the user wants to do so. This software also helps the users in correcting the spelling of their texts, copying and pasting any number of text files, printing it and performing such other activities. It is small in size thus needs a little space on the hard disk drive and can be installed on the operating systems like windows XP, windows vista, windows 7 and windows 8.