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The incredible software TxReader Professional is very efficient and it is one of its own kinds. The amazing thing about this software is it alters any document into verbal, enabling the users to listen to their electronic documents, which they previously used to read. TxReader Professional not only converts files into oral format but into MP3 format too. This software is much more efficient than any mere program that is capable of reading anything. Basically its credibility lies in its capacity of performing three different tasks at one time- the first one is undoubtedly its excellence in conversion of files into spoken words for which it is highly appreciated among the users; second most remarkable thing about this software is that it works as a fantastic spelling assistant, helping in improving the spellings of both children and grown-ups and the third but an important quality of this software is it is an absolutely safe and secure browser. TxReader is skillfully designed to read any type of document including MS Words, PDF files, e-books and Web pages. TxReader Professional is important software and has huge applications at various fields. It supports nearly 10 different languages and makes use of both masculine and feminine voices. This software can be used for business as well as for educational purpose too. Users can take advantage of the program’s assisting quality, which is appropriate for people of all age groups to enrich their vocabulary and also to improve their spellings. TxReader Professional is incorporated with Word Builder, Word Assistant and Spelling Tester to help the students with weak knowledge of literature to use documents and files on internet with much ease. TxReader Professional has initiated the trend of auditory classes, helping the teachers to teach pupils with the aid of laptops and projectors. This software may look like very difficult to operate but in reality its operation is very easy, once installed it works perfectly on computers and laptops and can be easily uninstalled from the system if the users feels unsatisfied with it.