Toddler Writing For Windows 8

Download Toddler Writing For Windows 8

Toddler Writing is such type of writing basically carried out by the Windows 8 version, which helps the toddlers to learn English Alphabets writing faster than usual. The software developed by the publisher in order to help the toddlers, to learn and write English in a very playful manner, which they will enjoy and learn it quickly. The software will prove to be useful for the Windows 8 version only as it supports all its various features so provided in it.

The special feature that the application comprises is that it contains the voice of all the alphabets and it responses only when the user navigates the respective alphabet screen. The software also provides the user with the function of changing the skin color as required by the user or the toddler.

This software will prove to be a very advanced method of teaching and providing the basic knowledge to the toddler in a virtual manner, which at times becomes difficult for the parents to carry it out orally. The Toddler Writing also provides some basic features like clearing the screen as soon as one is done with it and forward and backward navigation is also possible. This application is freeware software, which can be downloaded from any downloadable site without facing any difficulty.