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It has become the matter of past times when parents and teachers used to wait for the grade sheets made by the teachers for long time. Creating Grade sheets is generally what the teachers are scared about to make. Creating individual grade sheets consumes a long time to prepare. With Think wave Educator, you can create grade sheets and can share it online to make it accessible to students and parents. Think wave Educator is a new initiative in achieving the modern aspects of education. It is fast method to communicate with students and parents. This software is based on the concept of cloud technology, which does not use any server to run the application. Think wave Educator is the outcome of the imagination what you think about the modern education. How teachers can reach to the parents and students directly in no time. Think wave Educator makes the communication a real time communication. Write protected passwords is given to all individual students and parents to access the online grade sheets of the students, to write comments or message on the grades etc. Think wave Educator has really reduced the distance between the teachers and students. This software is highly appreciated by its users due to its applicability.