Teachers Personal Markbook

Download Teachers Personal Markbook

Teachers Personal Markbook is an essential tool for teachers. This application is very useful to teachers as a markbook and to grade their students and scale their results. With the help of this application, one can easily grade results and performances, scale and print results, print reports, etc. The Teachers Personal Markbook is essential and is a vital tool for teaching professionals. This app can perform over twenty different operations like combine, copy, convert z scores, average, grade average, deciles, linear scale, grade weight, percent, grade number, quartile, range, standardize, linear mapping, round, rank, elective weight, grade cut-off, linear scale, compare, moderate, etc. It also provides a calculation assistant, which will help you to perform all the calculations needed.

The Calculation Wizard performs the calculation by setting up the definition for the calculation with the help of a wizard interface. Whether your school and college already has another markbook or whether you prefer using Excel to analyze and grade the marks of the students, using Teachers Personal Markbook will certainly give you the edge over other software. Teachers Personal Markbook has advantages over centralized data storage where only authorized results are stored and over web based databases.

You can also use this software from a flash drive or an USB device. You can fully draft your school report without any spelling errors with the spelling correction feature. You can also export any information stored in Teacher Personal Markbook as a file or a clipboard to be used in your report. Teachers Personal Markbook is compatible with Windows XP, 7 and 8. It has a lifetime of free updates and the registration is very simple. This is a must have app for all the teachers.