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Student Organizer is the perfect software for every student. It makes following the hectic schedules of school a breeze. Student Organizer will make all those frantic hours spent remembering what you have to do when, which test you have when, what grades you get etc. Student Organizer was perhaps tailored for all the little troubles of a student’s life which can become such huge issues due to lack of organization.

This software allows the student to organize and keep track of class schedules; class timings and days the classes are held. The student can also save the start and end timings of the class, the room in which the class will be held and obviously the subject. The student can keep track of study group meetings, homework and tests. Student Organizer allows the student to keep track of their homework assignments and also to set reminders to remind them of the due dates. The same goes for test dates. Amazingly students can also keep track of test scores and averages. The students can save their grades or marks and create charts to track increase or decrease in them. It is compatible with Windows Mobile and Windows Phone 8.

Student Organizer is designed to be of immense help to the student’s day to day life. It is made fun and interesting by the fact that the student can change the graphic color and the scale as well. Schedules and timetables are such an important part of a student’s life and yet it is so difficult to create, follow or maintain schedules. Student Organizer makes this essential job easy for the student allowing him/her to be tension free. No more racking your memory for submission dates or grades in the past exams; Student Organizer can remember and remind all of this for you.