Star Quiz Net Client

Download Star Quiz Net Client

Many institutions have often felt the problem of conducting a quiz throughout the class in a computer lab at the same time so that each and every student gets the chance of attempting the quiz within that specified time. For this very reason, the Cosmicsoft developer has published the Star Quiz Net Client software with a special ability to conduct a quiz over a specific network and which can be installed on a server computer.

The speciality of this software is that the students can take the test on the individual computers present in the lab that automatically gets connected with the server computer after the proper installation of the software. The Star Quiz Net Client has got some features like having additional support for Grade keeper 6.4, has a proper set of mock questions, presence of a full students’ profile and also has a stop watch that gets set for the time span of the quiz.

The Star Quiz Net Client is freeware software of a size 7.7 MB and that works smoothly on all the versions of Mac OS X. This application of the software has proved to be very much useful for all such institutions, which at frequent intervals conduct quiz and other computer based exams and wants all the students to take the test at that respective time span. The developer of the software from time to time has published various versions of the program so that the users stay updated with the latest versions.