SofTutor Second Life (Academic)

Download SofTutor Second Life (Academic)

SofTutor Second Life (Academic) helps the user to speed up the life with easy learning methods. The software is mainly used to train inexperienced, inefficient individual in a new form of working style. It also helps to get started with navigating, communicating, playing, and building, shopping and driving. It is recommended to teachers for training their students in the second life.

The academic version of Softutor is for the efficient use of the second life version, which is especially for k – 12 kids and also for teachers who are using for academic training. The SofTutor Second Lifeproduct originally helps the kids to explore their second life to increase their learning capability inside their second life. It is a product of 280MB and can run easily from the desktop having all the variable version of Windows.

It re-energizes the second world of the teacher and the student with virtual 3D world in a minute, so that the teacher can focus on teaching and the student on learning. Its new version revolutionized the software by incorporating easy learning processes. It has reduced the learning time by at least 50 per cent. The consumer satisfaction remains at the rate of 99.976 present since 1995 with over 250,000 users using this software.